A Business Networking Field Guide for Introverts

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With text messages, email, voice mail, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the
other means of communication available to us today, the world is becoming more and
more impersonal.

But face-to-face contact is still the #1 silver bullet for creating lasting relationships as
well as growing a business.

Even if you hate the idea of networking, by the time you finish reading this, I hope that
you will realize that it can be an enjoyable way to meet new people and begin new

Networking is simply connecting with people.
Even if you are an introvert.

You may be thinking: But I’m shy. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to even

Well, my answer to that is: “SO AM I!”

Networking may come easy for some people who are extraverts but for me, and I
suspect for many of you, that is not the case.  In this guide, I share my secrets for overccoming my basically shy personality to make networking work for me in growing my busines.